Elite Crete Midsouth Training seminars

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Free Download if Needed  

Next Training December 12th & 13th 2013

Training Program

During your 2-day training seminar you will cover the following:

1. Introduction

  • Who is Elite Crete Systems
  • The performance benefits of our Hybrid Polymer Modifiers vs. industry norm VAE co-polymers & acrylic modifiers
  • Why Elite Crete Systems outperform other products
  • Coatings history
  • Chemical composition
  • Product versatility
  • Product cost breakdown and comparisons

2. Procedures and Finishes

  • Surface Preparation
  • Skim Coat Resurfacing and Broom Finishing
  • Splatter Textures and Knockdowns
  • Thin Stamped Overlays - Stamp Tools
  • Thin Stamped Overlays - Texture Skins
  • Various types of Custom Interior Flooring Systems
  • Carving & Grouting Techniques
  • Sealers & Clear Coatings - What to Use and Where

3. Product Uses and Descriptions

  • TEXTURE-PAVE™ - For thin stamped overlays
  • THIN-FINISH™ - For skim coats, broom finishes and splatter textures
  • MICRO-FINISH™ - For very smooth finishes
  • CPR 1000 HYBRID POLYMER - The most versatile polymer modifier available
  • CSS SEALER EMULSION - The most versatile clear sealer available
  • WCS EMULSION™: Waterborne Concrete Sealer. A 37% solid, acrylic clear sealer. Unlike conventional waterborne sealers, WCS EMULSION™ uses a water soluble solvent to carrier a higher solids content, increase color intensity, depth of penetration and overall performance.
  • SPARTIC-ALL™ RM – 75% Solids Polyaspartic Coating - A 75% solid, clear protective coating based on the popular polyaspartic ester technology. No protective coating is stronger or more resistant to wear.

  • CLEAN-PRINT™  Liquid Release Agent - A very clean alternative to messy powdered release agents.
  • ULTRA-STONE™ Antiquing Stain - Concentrated translucent stain
  • HYDRA-STONE™ Dye Stain - A highly concentrated, metal complex dye used for coloring polymer modified overlay systems and concrete.
  • PORTION CONTROL COLORANT™ (PCC) - The most versatile colorants available
  • REFLECTOR™ Enhancer - An ultra finely ground metallic powder additive for clear coatings.  Can be used to create an opaque or translucent finish.
  • E100-PT1™ Crystal Clear Epoxy: Available in Standard Set or Fast Set A clear, UV resistant (not UV proof) epoxy to be used as a protective top coat for commercial and industrial surfaces. Cures down to 40°F. Tack free in 8 hours depending on temperature. Does not amber with film higher build. Coverage of 100 ft² to 150 ft² per gallon depending on desired application. 100% VOC Free.
  • E100-PT4™ Pigmented Epoxy: Available in Standard Set or Fast Set A pigmented epoxy to be used as a protective top coat for commercial and industrial surfaces. Cures down to 40°F. Tack free in 8 hours depending on temperature. Does not amber with film higher build. Coverage of 100 ft² to 150 ft² per gallon. 100% VOC Free.
  • AUS-50 Single Component Polyurethane - High performance clear coatings
  • QUICK-PATTERN Design Stencils
  • THIN-PRINT Texture Skins
  • And much more…

4. Marketing and Business Development

  • Getting Started
  • What to Look for on Estimates and How to Charge
  • Creating a Community Presence
  • Finding Your Niche
  • Finding the Interior as well as the Exterior Market
  • Short & Long Term Marketing

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone in the construction trades
  • Installers of similar type products and systems
  • Anyone interested in starting a business in this field
  • Anyone looking to increase profits and market share

How Will You Benefit?

  • You will learn the basics through the most detailed applications in the architectural concrete overlay industry from the industry's leading manufacturer, developer, supplier and trainer
  • You will develop and create added application solutions to increase profit
  • You will learn how to improve estimating, marketing and sales techniques

We have a special rate of reserved rooms for our attendees at the Clarion Resort and Baymont Inns. Please make your reservations as soon as possible by calling the Clarion Resort at 501-525-1391 or the Baymont Inns at 501-520-5522. They are blocked in the name of Elite.

We will have an informal meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the sports Bar at the Clarion Resort on Wednesday evenings. Class will begin at approximately 8:30 Thursday morning and should be over around 4:00 that afternoon. That night, we will all meet at 7:00 for dinner. We will resume class at 8:30 on Friday morning and should finish around 2:00 pm.

Please send your check payable to Elite Crete Midsouth in the amount of $250.00 along with your enrollment form 10 days prior to the actual training date.

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